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Tips for trips

If you already have a rest with your friends, a family with children or yourself, you will definitely find yourself in the beauty of the Giant Mountains and surroundings that you can relax in the form you want. The region of Krkonoše and its surroundings offer plenty of activities both passive and active. We have just chosen a small fraction of what the beauty of nature offers us. We will be happy to help you in selecting and recommending your desired activities both winter and summer.


Ski resort ARRAKIS

The main skiing area is the ARRAKIS ski area at the highest point of the Prkenny Dul. Spacious, airy slopes with a maximum elevation of 260 m and three lifts with a total capacity of 2,700 people and a length of up to 1,100 m, connected to the Skidata system are a paradise for a wide range of skiers from the least demanding to the most demanding. Besides the well-groomed and artificial snow-covered ski slopes, the ski area also offers other services such as ski and downhill skiing and snowboarding, including other equipment, fast food, and all (as well as a car park for 150 cars) right in the ski area at downhill runs. In the 50m distant guesthouse Green Mills, you can sit and dine after a pleasant day of skiing. Lunch in the modern, stylish restaurant.

Pec pod Sněžkou

Pec pod Sněžkou is an area with slopes of all difficulty spread throughout the valley. Since last winter, skiers can use not only the chairlift "Brown Hill", but also the detachable four-seat Garden Express in the vicinity of the popular and wide slopes of the Garden. There are 9 lifts in the area. This year's main innovation is the extension and new equipment of the children's site at Javor. There are two mobile carpets in the length of 15 and 90 meters for children and adults. The site is being taught by the new SkiResort LIVE official ski school. It is also run by the second Klondike LIVE park park just off the upper station of the Garden Expressway.

The area in Pec is suitable for sports and recreational skiing and snowboarding. It offers 12.5 km of slopes and skiing attractions, such as Funline with curved bends and an 8-meter long tunnel, or downhill slopes and giant slalom (TS1, MS1).

You will also find the Funpark and Snowpark with obstacles and jumps.

Areas of Montenegro (Janske Lazne) and Pec pod Snezkou are ski-connected by SkiTour. From Černá hora you can go skiing and rollover to the area in Pec pod Sněžkou in about 25 minutes. From Pec pod Sněžkou to Janske Lazne skiers take the ski bus to the red spine.

Evening skiing offers the widest slopes with artificial lighting in the Czech Republic - Javor 1 and 2. You can also ski on the ski slope U lesem for artificial lighting.

Cross-country skiing around Žacléře

Around the Rose Pole to Kralovka

The best starting point for this trip is once again called Polak, the hillside over part of the town called Bethlehem. Along the Žacléřský ridge, we head towards Bobr. In Upper Bobe we gradually turn right and after Bobersky plains, near the state border with Poland, we continue through Dolní Bobr in the direction of Růžový palouček, instead of the last farewell of J. A. Komenský with his homeland. From Pink Pole, we continue on Černá Voda to Královec on the border with Poland. If we do not want to go to Poland or return immediately, we can stop at the inn and strengthen our way back.

This route is also suitable for our improvisation. From Královec we can go further to Bernartice and through Křenovská or Lampertická luka to return to Žacléř in different directions.

Excursions to Křenov, Bernartic

These excursions can be different every time, depending on your imagination. The starting point for both types of trips is the settlement and Na Pilíři Street. We go to Křenov from Na Pilíři street on the right from a slight hill. From Krenov we have several options to go. E.g. towards Prkenny Dul or Lampertice or further to Bernartic.

Similarly, you can take a trip to Bernartic through the urn grove and the hill Na Popravišti. The route is similar to the route described in summer trips. You can decide yourself whether to use the route or whether you turn and create your own route, which will take you to Jiří's Hill in Žacléř.

Tourist destinations

White Elbe River

is located in the cadastral area of ​​Spindleruv Mlyn and along its flow there is no settlement. Even before it runs through the gates of the town of Špindlerův Mlýn, it flows into the massive flow of the Elbe. The Weber Road, which runs along the White Elbe and is also partly accessible to cyclists, offers a pleasant stroll overlooking the many smaller waterfalls and rapids that the river creates on its short flow.

Čertova strouha

was built as part of the most interesting system of dams in the Krkonoše Mountains to prevent floods. These locals were in horror at the end of the 19th century. Extensive rebuilding works that were subsequently carried out in the Elbe, Jizera and Upa basins are evidence of the championship of our ancestors, their example being the Devil's Crow. Its barrier has remained almost complete and fully functional today. Thanks to the high architectural art achieved by modest technical means there were built 43 transverse and 194 longitudinal stone reefs, about half of the stone for this purpose was obtained from a quarry above the mouth of the Red Stream. Nowadays, in the Devil's Mine, a trail that leads the public with this technical attraction leads to the Čertova Strut.

Mine Kovárna

offers an unconventional view of Snezka, on its entrances. The highest mountain in the Middle Ages has been attracting precious stones and miners. But it was slowly releasing its underground treasures, at the expense of hard work, hardship and human lives. The Wild Giant Mine of those times inspired the creation of the legends of Krakonoš and you can see the hidden treasures inside the mountain. After the mining of iron, arsenic and copper there were surprisingly large spaces inside Sněžka. Kovárna Mine is made available to the public under the condition of solid footwear and over 10 years of age. Warm clothing is also recommended, since the temperature here is about 7 ° with a 100% humidity. The tour must be pre-ordered by phone +420 499 736 130
Opening hours:
Operating hours only during the summer season from 2. 7. to 30. 8. only from Thursday to Sunday


Rivers are the easternmost part of the Giant Mountains and reach up to 1033 m above sea level (Dvorský les). Rapids are considered the least disturbed place in the whole Krkonoše Mountains and are therefore unique. At the top of the Rapor ridge stands the Rýchorská bouda, the ecological center of the KRNAP Administration, where you can refresh and warm up at the local stand.

Do not forget to see the nearby view, the remains of Max's Bouda, to see the eastern Giant Mountains, whose wonderful panorama can be seen with the majestic Sněžka. The Rivers Forest (Dvorský les) is a site most sought after by photographers for its romance and natural beauties of local forests, which are unique due to the dense presence of beech trees. Bold and bizarre shapes, twisted trees, mossy branches, and valuable herbs, all create the marvelous atmosphere of a place where the sun's rays penetrate sporadically.


Stachelberg has been lifting forever as a guard point over the descent of the Libavsky saddle - the eternal land gate. Perhaps that is why a complex of fortifications with an artillery fortress was built on the narrow ridge of Stachelberg from 1935 to 1938. Even though this defensive wave has not been fully completed, it includes a number of ... It was built as the largest and most modern artillery fortress of the entire Czechoslovak fortification and at the same time it is one of the largest fortresses of its kind in Europe. The not-completed border fortress originally had to consist of twelve strongholds (bunkers), at a depth of 20-50 meters interconnected by a system of corridors and halls of a total length of 3.5 km. On the surface, the mobilization was completed, except for small bunkers, with only one stronghold. If you visit the Fortress Complex on weekends from May to September, you will be able to take a look at the mysteries of the underground and get acquainted with the Czechoslovak Museum. fortification closer.


The flat small mountain range, far from the town and the Žacléřský ridge, ie the Krkonoše, just 5 km, lies on the border of the Czech mountains (in this case with Poland). However, the boundary line is not on the top, so the highest mountains of the Vrany Mountains lie exclusively on the Czech territory. The highest peak is Špičák, which is 887 m high and towers about 300 m above the surrounding landscape. A short distance from the city is the reason why the Vrani Mountains are the dominant object of all the outlook from the city to the open landscape. And why are these hills called Vrani? You will be able to answer yourself if you look up in the sunny day in their direction. The image created by the set of hills is more like a mighty flying bird, its dark color of wooded hills reminiscent of the crow's most.


The Dvorský forest and the Stachelberg fortress

From Žacléř we take the green hiking trail Žacléřský ridge around the Rétorský Cross at the ridge ridge. It is part of the impressive Dvorský Forest locality, which will enchant the eye of every photographer and nature lover. It stretches at an altitude of almost 1,000 m and forms a beech forest. Due to the altitude, growth does not grow into common shapes, but forms twisted, low forms, awakening fantasy. The most impressive is in foggy weather and autumn days. At the Kutná crossroad near Rýchorská bouda, we turn to the red path of the Čapek Brothers, which leads to the Stachelberg fortress, on the way you can see the concrete peaks built in 1936-1938. Stachelberg is one of the largest fortification bunkers in the Czech Republic. In the extensive fortification area of ​​1938 you can see the unique underground fortress and the exposition about Czechoslovakia. fortification. A few meters from the fortress, you have the opportunity to climb the Eliška tower and explore the countryside. To return to Žacléř, select a green marked path leading Prkenný Dole. Course of the route: Žacléř - Rychorský kříž - Kutná, Rychory - Rýchory Nature Trail - Pod Dvorským lesem - The path of the brothers Čapků - Nature trail fortifications Trutnov - Fort Stachelberg - Prkenný Důl - Žacléř Length of the trail: 16 km

Walking route Vlčí Jámy

The route will take you through the natural, building and historical attractions of part of the mountain town Pec pod Snezkou. A half-day trip goes along the Green Stream, with which the road turns a separate route into the romantic Green Mine. To the Vlčí jáma you will pass straight along the rudder marked paths and paths around the chapel on the High slope, through Zahradky to the forests in the ice cube Vlčí jáma and back to the Pec with a stop at the chapel on the Brown Hill. The length of the route is 5 km. During the creation of the walking route, the KRNAP Administration joined forces with the town of Pec pod Snezkou and the team of the Veselý Výlet Information Center. They are all members of the Aichelburg Castle Association, which takes care of the walking route. Starting point: 50 ° 41'36.261 "N, 15 ° 43'58.995" E End point: 50 ° 41'36.261 "N, 15 ° 43'58.995" E

The J. A. Comenius educational trail

The Žacléř educational route will guide you through the history of the city and its settlements. On the Rose Pole in Černá Voda you will remind the person of J. Komensky. The route is 16 km. During its visit you will visit places such as: Rýchorské náměstí, Church of the Holy Trinity, hospital, town cemetery, Žacléř Chateau, Rýchory, settlement Vernířovice, Prkenný Důl - chapel sv. Anny, urn grove, porcelain porcelain, primary school of J. A. Comenius, former spinning mill, Jiřího kopec, Bobr settlement, settlement Černá Voda and the above-mentioned Růžový palouček. A map with a marked route is available for free in IC Žacléř.

Eliska Lookout Tower

Because of the idea of ​​a typical military observatory, it is located at altitude

632 meters in the middle of the artillery fortress Stachelberg. Its height reaches 24.5 m. In good weather there are views of the Libavské sedlo - a massive land gate connecting Silesia with Czech inland, Vrany, Jestřebí and Orlické hory and Krkonoše foothills.

It is free of charge from 1 April until 30 November.

Relax park - Pec pod Snezkou

Relaxpark is located below the top of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, and you can not miss it when you visit Pec pod Sněžkou. Relaxpark is equipped with attractions for families and active sportsmen. Visitors to the Relax Park are available for a bobsleigh track, slides, trampolines, rope park, roller coaster, for the smallest children's playground and sit for good drinks and dishes in the snack bar. The operation of the Relax Park is the year-round and evening ride on the mountain bobsleigh track are a great attraction for visitors to the park. While men and children have fun, some women and girls do not have to enjoy similar adrenaline entertainment. For such cases, we recommend that you order it in advance to the beauty studio. Pricelist: bridging - 1 ride - 20, - CZK slide - 1 ride - 20, - CZK trampoline - 10 min - 50, - CZK relaxpas (5x bob , 1x bridging, 1x rope park) - 600, - CZK

Cycling routes:

Horní Maršov - Rýchorská bouda

Raising over three kilometers over 400 altitudes is possible on the way from Upper Marshow to ridge Rýchor.
Difficulty: Difficult
Length: 3.5 km
Vertical drop: 420 m
Category: trek, MTB

Circuit Žacléř - Adršpach - Žacléř

Both the road and trekking bikes are suitable for cycling, where you can also visit the sandstone rock town of Adrspach.
Difficulty: moderate
Length: 69 km
Vertical drop: 900 m
Category: trek, road

Žacléř - Chelmsko Slaskie - Krzeszów - Žacléř

An interesting cruise route to neighboring Poland where you will see several interesting historical sights. Thanks to the small traffic and the good roads, the circuit can also be used by sport fans for road cycling fans.
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 61.5 km
Vertical drop: 540 m
Category: trek, MTB, road

Žacléř - Horní Albeřice - Niedamirów - Žacléř

A shorter circuit through Rýchory and Albeřice leads partly to the Polish border.
Difficulty: Medium
Length: 17 km
Vertical drop: 404 m
Category: trek, MTB